Personal Statement. – Rita Young-Jones – Hinckley Dressage Chair

When I joined the Hinckley Dressage Group in 1997 it had already been running for 22 years and events were generally held in the Hinckley and Atherstone area, with a good attendance in those early years .  Subsequently events were moved to Brooksby and gradually the number of participants and membership increased with dressage show days running from early morning until early evening  with entries being balloted out. Economic pressures eventually meant we had to move venues and we commenced running events at the kind invitation of Linda and Keith Hudson at Blaby Mill, which is where I became chairman, some 10 years ago.

During this time we decided to join the association of British Riding Clubs and the club become to be known as Hinckley Dressage. Hinckley Dressage has always continued to have the same overall aims .

  • To Provide competitions in a safe, professional, relaxed and encouraging environment, in as economical/affordable manner as possible.
  • To encourage development of riding skills and welfare of the horse.
  • To encourage the development of junior members.

Unfortunately again due to economic pressure and a new owner at Blaby Mill we had to find an alternative venue in a short space of time in April 2018 . Stretton Fields Stables became our new venue for the rest of 2018 by kind invitation of Jess and Alyson Oldham. However, the entries  reduced and the economics did not add up.

It was with great sadness that the committee decided at the last committee meeting to mothball the group for the forthcoming season and I would like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • Previous members of committees for their hard work and dedication who worked tirelessly with me to support the aims of the group.
  • Judges and stewards for their support and dedication in all weathers
  • Members (and non members) for their participation in events and support at the AGM’s and prizegiving evenings.
  • To members who provided invaluable behind the scenes support
  • And to the caters for keeping us well fed and watered.

I have personally have met many who have become good friends over the years and will miss the anticipation, excitement, adrenaline rush and camaraderie this season.

I would like to mention that Myself, Nicola Witty and Denise Wainwright will maintain the committee going forward and if any of you have any questions, please contact anyone of us to discuss.